The New Job is the first chapter of Gloomverse.

Summary Edit

An unnamed girl gets kicked out of her house after her parents accused her of not doing any chores. Upon learning that her idol, Wallis Gloom, was having job interviews for an assistant, she decided to try to get the job. Although she was pushed out of line by a large group of fangirls and in her words she was "a horrible impression in front of [her] idol", she got the job, where Wallis changed her hair and she got the nickname Assistant (which she is called by everyone from then on).

In line, Assistant met a mysterious man with invisible limbs. He was pushed by the fangirls into a hallway, where he realized he had reaches Wallis' room. Upon realizing the door was unlocked, he broke in and stole Wallis' wallet.

Meanwhile, Assistant got to see Wallis' dressing room, where she found out the man she saw earlier was, in Wallis' words, a "candy hobo magician" brother named Harold Gloom and he had stolen Wallis' stuff. Wallis commanded her and his guard to help him catch the thief.