Prince Cirrus Edit

Prince Cirrus is the prince of the country Stratoverse. He is first introduced in the intermission chapter, Clouds and Cathedrals. He is known throughout the fandom for being a huge grump, and this is shown multiple times throughout the comic. Cirrus also makes some of the most hilarious facial expressions, as he acts like a huge man-baby at times, though it is strange to note that he has never smiled in comic so far. There are several members of the fandom that just want to see him smile, going as far as making edits to give him one.

While Prince Cirrus isn't one of the huge main characters, he has done quite of bit of things that affected the comic. These would be acts such as punching Madam President in the face or saving Harold (and many other lives) during the Magic Show.

Personality Edit

Cirrus is known for having a very grumpy exterior, with a softer exterior.

There is a thing that I wish to point out about Cirrus's character. There might be a good chance that he's ace or something similar to it because he had a very similar reaction that I (a sex-repulsed ace person) would have when Professor Purple strip teased him. However, this has been proven wrong because of his crush on Seaweed.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a huge crush on the Ecoversian, Seaweed, and he's awful at hiding it.
  • He literally has no hobbies except trying to be a prince (this was confirmed by CQ on a public stream).
  • He knows how to braid hair (he makes a loose braid in his hair while waiting for the Magic Show to start).
  • He murdered an innocent leaf, just because it touched his face.
  • He doesn't want to fight to become king, because he knows that King Alto would die.
  • He called important Ecoversians "hippies."